I really enjoy teaching classes on machine learning. The world needs more machine learning and so it’s really fun for me to help people get into the field. I have a strong bias towards hands on learning.

Some upcoming classes:

Testimonials and feedback

“What an outstanding workshop yesterday. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm. As a newcomer to the field, I was fascinated by the way you seamlessly presented such a challenging topic to a widespread audience. Even more, you quickly built a great sense of community and positive energy in the room, which made all the difference. Your advice on the job market and nuances about the field were much appreciated.”

“Class was great, you ticked off my curiosity. I am excited to review the content and retry it by myself. Thank you for encouraging peer to peer collaboration and making the effort to build the slack channel. I think it was nice to see you debug live.”

“Class was really good! Thank you very much. 🙂 It was great to have all the code in github and in multiple files, each showing a new step covered, so we could follow along.”

“Class was excellent. I am familiar with ML concepts and alogos but was not fluent with use of those using python. You packed everything that needed to be know in the examples. It was such a great use of time. Amazing job.”

“A very accessible approach to teaching complex topics.”

“Lit up a bunch of portions of my brain and overall it was fun.”