CrowdFlower AI Announcement

AI at CrowdFlower

Enriching Your Data

Crowdsourcing TB Cell Annotation

Personal Democracy Forum 2011

Lukas Biewald of CrowdFlower on TWiST

Strata 2011 – Crowdsourcing and the Democratization of Data

Web 2.0 Expo NY 2010: Lukas Biewald and Leila Chirayath Janah, “The Future of Work”

O’Reilly: Interview at Web 2.0 Expo NY 2010

TEDxDU – TEDxTalks 

Videolab for Netexplorateur – Interview by Bambi Francisco

Inforum at Commonwealth Club featuring Leila Janah of Samasource – Mission 4636  featuring Brian Herbert of Ushahidi, Robert Munro of FrontlineSMS,  and Leila Janah of Samasource – Interview featuring Leila Janah of Samasource

Stanford University  – “Crowdsourcing Work” Lecture 

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